Queen Boat Co. is home to Freedom Boat Club Lake George, the world's oldest and largest membership boat club. 


​Here at Freedom Boat Club, we believe that spending quality time with family and friends is the most important thing in life. Our goal is to facilitate that quality time by removing the hassles and headaches typically associated with our favorite recreational activity – boating. NO cleaning, NO maintenance, NO storage....NO worries!
If you’re like us and think that there is nothing more valuable than being out on the water with those closest to you, I look forward to showing you how we've made that a reality day in and day out for over 20,000 members across the country since 1989....all for less than the cost of a seasonal dock rental. The way the club works is simple. We own, clean, maintain, store, and insure the boats. Members make a reservation, show up to the dock and we have a clean, fueled boat ready for you to enjoy your day on the water. We take all the work out of boating and all that's left is the fun of being out on the water.

Our History
Freedom Boat club launched the original boat club concept in 1989. As the pioneer of the boat club, it is the undisputed leader in the recreational boating industry, and the oldest and largest boat club organization in North America.

Our Locations
Our first club was located in Sarasota FL, and has grown to a robust network of more than 215 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. One of the most popular membership benefits is the FREE reciprocal access to all of our club locations throughout North America!

Our Fleet
We buy NEW boats every year so our members always have access to the latest and greatest from some of the best known brands on the water.

Our goal is to ensure that our members feel both comfortable and confident at the helm. Our members receive FREE 1:1 training by our team of in-house captains.

Hassle-Free Service
Your hassle-free boating experience begins the moment you arrive at the dock. The dockmaster helps you get your belongings loaded onto the boat. You and your crew head out on the water for a day of boating fun!
Upon your return, simply turn in your keys and pay only for the fuel used that day, which is expertly tracked by our fuel flow meters. The dock master helps you unload your gear, and then you drive away! No mess, no fuss, no work! Freedom Boat Club's team handles all of the cleaning and maintenance of the boat and engine, allowing you to spend 100 percent of your time having fun!

Watercraft liability and physical damage is included in your membership. As a FBC member, you are covered up to $1,000,000 for claims made against you by third parties. You are responsible for the $2,500 Watercraft Liability and Physical Damage deductibles per occurrence.

Hours of Operation
Our hours of operation are from 9am-7pm, seven days a week. We have a split reservation system. One reservation covers the period from 9am-1:30pm, and the second period runs from 2:30pm to 7pm. You are welcome to a full day of boating using two reservations. However, we have found that our average member outing lasts about 3.5 hours so the two sessions allow everyone to do more boating!

Our members have direct access to our on-line reservation system. You may book up to four reservations at any given time, two of which can be used on weekends. Once you have used a reservation, you may immediately book another. In addition to your four advanced reservations, members may take advantage of our unlimited "spur of the moment" boat usage.
Members may call the dockmaster on the day you want to boat and if a boat is available, you may have it without it counting against your advanced reservations. These boats are available on a first-come first serve basis.

To enhance your membership, we provide opportunities to get to know other members on and off the water. Examples include fishing seminars, champagne cruises, restaurant socials, and more!

Freedom Boat Club offers several affordable membership programs and options. 


Tel: 518-685-3259


10 Dunhams Bay Rd

Lake George, NY 12845

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