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Naming a Marina

With all the physical work we are doing on the property, new services and amenities being added, and a vision of what a marina should be for boaters in 2019 and beyond, we decided that the entire brand needed a refresh. We tasked Normandin Marketing from Glens Falls with developing a name and logo and really developing a boating lifestyle brand that would encompass everything we hoped to offer at the marina.

Boaters now, like consumers in many industries, are looking for more than just a place to park their boat. More services offered, nicer amenities, friendlier staff....this is all part of the boating experience that will come to be expected. We wanted a brand that reflected this commitment to a premium boating experience, as well as called to mind the history and iconic nature of Lake George. For over a month we sampled and tested names until in a fit of inspiration, George Normandin called with the concept of using 'Queen'. We LOVED it! After all, Lake George is the 'Queen of American Lakes' which gives us the history and reverence for Lake George we were looking for. And it also evokes this feeling of royalty and luxury which is what we want all of our customers to feel when they are using our services. After another month of Rebecca and I agonizing over what goes with Queen, George sent over 'Queen Boat Co.' and we had winner!

The logo design process went a little faster as the Normandin team had some great concepts right off that bat and the picture you see in this post was our favorite right from the start. The crown icon is such a great combination of the old paper boats you would make as a kid and crown for the Queen. The waves at the bottom of the crown are a beautiful touch. We also love how the tail on the Q is a wave. The fonts and colors felt nautical and regal and we can't wait to print up some gear with the logo on it!

We hope you like our new brand and we will certainly be striving to live up to it when we open this spring!

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