Know Before You Go

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We want to keep Lake George safe and clean for all boaters now and for generations to come. Here are some important things to know before you boat:

Anchoring and Mooring:
Anchoring or recreating is prohibited within 200 ft. of shore along private property. 
SANDY BAY: Vessels not at provided moorings must be underway. 
PARADISE BAY: No anchoring or tie-offs allowed. 

Invasive Species: 

'Clean, drained, dry' is the standard for launching a boat in Lake George. It is unlawful to launch without an inspection tag. Find out more about our Invasive Species protection program here.

Parks Registration:
All Vessels 18 Feet or Longer, or Any Vessel Mechanically Propelled by a Motor 10 h.p. or Greater, Must Register with the Lake George Park Commission and Display a Registration Decal. We can get you registered here at Beckley's. 
All children under the age of 13 must wear PFDs at all times when underway. From November 1st to May 1st, everyone must wear a PFD. 
Pollution and Sanitation:
It is unlawful to throw, discharge, or abandon any foul or deleterious substance into the Lake. Washing dishes, bathing, or use of any soaps or detergents is prohibited. Sanitary facilities must be permanently sealed to prevent discharge into the Lake. 


Legal hours of PWC operation are 8am-7pm. Speed limit is 5 MPH within 500 ft. of shore or marked swim area and within 100 ft. of a dock, anchored boat, or float. NYS safety certificate required for all ages and must be carried while operating. Must be 14 years of age.

Scuba Diving: 

Prohibited in navigable channels and where it would interfere with free and safe access to docks and boathouses. Flags and markers are required. Boats must stay at least 100 feet clear of diving flags. 

Speed Limits:
6am-9pm - Maximum 45 MPH
9pm-6am - Maximum 25 MPH

All persons waterskiing, tubing, etc. must wear an approved Type III PFD. An observer is required and must be at least 10 years old.

LGPC Registration Rates:
Daily registration rate: $12
Weekly registration rate: $20 

Calculate your annual registration rate here